AI is changing everything, is your team ready?

My name is Sean and I help corporate teams thrive with generative AI.

Hi, I’m Sean and for 15+ years I’ve helped corporate teams thrive with automation and AI.

Corporations Empowered by my Program

Real Results from People Just Like You

Sean and NxtStep were the exact partners we needed so that we could start bringing value to more clients faster and more cost effectively than we had once thought possible.

Markita Morris-Louis

CEO, Compass Working Capital

Besides the obvious results, it has been a pleasure to work with Sean and his team at NxtStep. They bring so much valuable knowledge and expertise to our team and always share it when necessary so we can not only advance our mission, but further our own education about the process.

George Reuter

Director of Learning & Knowledge Management, Compass Working Capital

Is your team lacking an AI strategy?

AI is evolving faster than companies can respond.  Competition is creating new threats to your business model.  Most companies are unprepared and risk being left behind.

Build Positive Momentum Now

Sean has enabled EmployeeCycle to grow at a remarkable rate. We are making big changes and lots of noise in our industry. Much of that is thanks to our time spent working with Sean.

Bruce Marable

Co-Founder & CEO, Employee Cycle

Sean has a great ability to translate between business and tech and that has been invaluable to our success. We come into our meetings with a list of discussion topics, and Sean helps us refine them into a coherent, achievable two week project plan.

Salas Saraiya

Co-Founder & CTO, Employee Cycle

What if you could double your team’s productivity?

AI can empower your team to make exponential productivity gains, but you have to know how to leverage it.  Imagine a world where your team can get twice as much work done in less than half the time.

Benefits of My Program

Sean was critical in helping CSBS build a strong product function. He helped us build a data-driven product roadmap that delivers a strong ROI for our organization. I’ve taken to referring to him as the ‘product whisperer’.

Jim Cooper

President and CEO,Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS)

Sean was a great help to Exyn and me personally. Our work focused around envisioning and implementing the framework of a high-functioning product development organization. He helped me formalize the mission and provided additional training and mentorship for our product team members, along with practical workshops to help them implement the changes successfully.

Ben Williams

COO, Exyn Technologies

Allow an AI Expert to Guide You

I have over 20 years of experience guiding corporate teams on eliminating process bottlenecks and boosting operational efficiency powered by technologies like AI and automation.

Empower Your Team

Sean did a great job engaging with our team from the outset. He worked hard to listen and understand our existing procedures, protocols, and personnel in order to help us transition smoothly to a more efficient process without needing to reinvent the wheel. He kept us on track over the course of our engagement with his disciplined approach. Thank you Sean!

Jon Kelly

Founder & CEO, Canary Compliance

Sean provided executive product coaching for our leaders. He helped them figure out how they could perform the most impactful work to drive the organization forward.

Tiffany Fields

Head of People, Exyn Technologies

The Options I Offer

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AI Discovery

I’ll work with you and your team to develop a powerful AI strategic plan designed around exponential ROI.

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AI Partner

I will work closely with you and your team to help implement your AI strategic plan to maximize your ROI.

Hear Directly From Team Members

Sean helped me understand what it means to be an effective product manager. Through a combination of one-on-one private coaching, self-study resources he regularly recommended and providing support while I implemented new strategies and processes at Repisodic, we’ve been able to significantly develop our product operation and I’ve been able to grow as a product manager. Thank you Sean!

Preeya D’Mello

Product Manager, Repisodic

Sean makes it really easy to understand how your software solves a problem, and the impact of it. We hired Sean to help us navigate the early stages of our software, and the level of clarity we received from our working together is invaluable. Highly recommend him.

Adam Niec

Founder, Rate Tracker

Hi there, I’m Sean.

I’m an Artificial Intelligence and automation strategist that’s passionate about improving the operational efficiency of your corporate team.

For 15+ years I’ve developed and implemented strategies that have saved corporate teams millions of dollars on an annualized basis.

Why AI Strategy

If I ever had to do something more than once manually, I’d automate it. This philosophy has allowed me to master the art and science of maximizing operational efficiency.

AI and automation technologies provide seemingly unlimited potential to level up the productivity of your corporate team.  I’ve helped companies such as The Vanguard Group, Comcast and Sunoco benefit from these strategies and I can do the same for you.

I’m an expert in business and technology with decades of experience improving the efficiency of corporate teams across industries and verticals.

Schedule a free consultation with me to learn more about what I can do to help you and your team become the pinnacle of efficiency at your company.


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Develop a Strategy That Delivers Results

It has been a pleasure working with Sean and his team at NxtStep. Our products knowledge has increased significantly and the benefits of their work will continue to pay dividends as we continue to grow and scale our product organization.

Rebecca Block

PhD | Sr Director, Innovation & Continuous Improvement, Springboard

Sean opened my eyes to the world of product strategy. We had been making mistakes that were obvious to him, but not us. Once he helped us get back on track, it was full speed ahead.

Mark Surkin

Co-Founder & CEO, Dineable

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