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customer holding credit card for sale of product

Why Your Product Isn’t Selling Well

We pour our heart and soul into our product business, but that can be a real problem. This causes the all-too-common ‘forest through the trees problem’ when it comes to doing right by our customers and ultimately our product. If you’ve found yourself in one of these situations with your product business before then this…

two women checking out a new product feature on a laptop

Why Your Customer Isn’t Using That Feature

Creating new features for your SaaS product is exciting.  We hope that what we’re spending time building will be loved by everyone, but far too often it isn’t. On this topic, have you experienced any of the following? After releasing a new feature, customer enthusiasm is flat Customers simply aren’t using that feature You’re convinced…

focus team in an office

Get Good At Being Green

In the world of building product businesses, being an expert is a disadvantage. If you consider yourself an expert in your craft, think long and hard about your answer to the next question. When was the last time you were wrong? If it’s been awhile, then you may be experiencing a symptom of a larger…