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busy man on hamster wheel

Why Your Busy Team Isn’t Getting Much Done

Everyone at this product company is always busy, but we keep falling short of our goals… I call this the ‘hamster-wheel’ problem.  Everyone on your team is busy doing lots of stuff, but you’re not getting any closer to the success you need for your product company. This problem happens when you and your team…

product manager stands up by a white board in meeting with three other people

Is Your Company Ready For a Product Manager?

Your product company has some traction (perhaps even some paying customers), but otherwise you feel stuck.  Whenever you task someone with figuring out why, it always seems to fall down the list and you wind up in the same spot you were in before.  Similar symptoms may include: Consistently missing traction goals Poor communication between…

bug in the grass

Is It a Bug or a Feature?

That’s not a feature request, that’s a bug! Your support team thinks it’s a bug.  Your engineering team thinks it’s a feature request.  Who’s right? Well ultimately the customer, but the point is that this dialogue happens at a lot of product companies and it’s a symptom of a larger problem. This in-fighting happens due…