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Balancing Discipline and Agility in Product Management with Jama Software’s Jeremy Johnson

by Sean Boyce

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Jeremy Johnson is the VP of Product Management at Jama Software. He leads both product management and user experience teams, and has 12 years of experience in product management. On this episode of Product Launch, Sean and Jeremy discuss:
  • The benefits of a non-technical background in being effective in product management
  • How understanding the functional areas of an organization will help you be a better product manager
  • How to perform product management effectively in a complex environment with a team
  • The importance of effective process in ensuring that product management is done well
  • How sharing responsibility on your product team can affect increase agility and consistency
  • The Jama Connect value proposition and how their customers benefit from using it
  • The importance of receiving feedback direct from customers
  • How to move faster in product development by being more thorough with your product design and testing process
Connecting with Jeremy: