Clean Books Mean Accurate Financial Reports

Increase the leverage of your CFO by cleaning up your books and having real-time access to accurate financial data & reports.

Hi, I’m Sean and I’ve built a support service that perfectly complements the efforts of your CFO so that we can enable your company to grow faster.

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Clean Up Your Books

Your books need daily maintenance. Transactions are hitting your bank account sometimes every minute. How are you going to have confidence in your records if they aren’t well organized?

Stay In Sync With Your Bank

What matters most is what hits your bank. You need to be in constant sync with you bank. If not, money will go missing and you’ll lose confidence in your financial data. How can you have accurate financial reports if your books don’t match your bank?

Tell Your Financial Story

Your CFO needs more than clean books to understand your financial position so they can plan for the growth you hope to achieve. How can your CFO create projections unless they have timely access to accurate financial reports?

Hi there, I’m Sean and I’m a finance and technology geek.

I’m excited to keep your books in pristine condition so your CFO can effectively plan your company’s growth.

My background is in finance and engineering. I’m an expert in financial and accounting software and automation.

My team of bookkeepers, controllers and I have cleaned up even the messiest of company records to create an environment of your CFO’s dreams. Armed with down to the penny, accurate, reconciled financials and real-time reporting means your CFO can prepare your business for the success you’ve always wanted.

I want to learn more about your needs so we can eliminate your bookkeeping and controller challenges forever.

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How Our CFO Support Process Works


First, we’ll learn about your current accounting financial environment to find everything that needs fixing.


Next, we’ll design and implement the optimal solution for your company including process and product improvements.


Finally, we’ll work closely with your CFO to be the support they need to elevate your company to reach your growth goals.

Real Results from People Just Like You

Thanks to our bookkeeping service, our CFO now has real-time access to accurate financial data, empowering strategic decision-making like never before.
Charles, Delta Energy
With our controller service, our CFO can trust that financial reporting is always up-to-date and precise, giving us a competitive edge in the market.
Brian, Podcast Chef
Partnering with our bookkeeping service has transformed our CFO’s role, allowing them to focus on driving growth initiatives with real confidence in our financial trajectory.
Lindsay, StaffGeek

Are You Ready To Make Your Financial Data Problems Go Away?

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