Cash Flow Management for Software Companies

I help software companies achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

Hi, I’m Sean and I’m the Software CFO.

Some of my software company clients

Growth Sucks Cash

If you grow too fast, you won’t have enough cash. If you don’t grow fast enough, you won’t be able to get more. How do you strike the right balance to achieve sustainable long-term growth and profitability?

Manage Your Burn

Spending too much capital too fast can stall your progress or even sink your entire company. How exactly are you supposed to know how to manage your spend so that your company is prepared for anything?

Access to Capital

Gaining access to the capital you need When you need it is necessary to succeed. Without it, you may not survive, but how do you know how much you need and when to keep your company on a healthy trajectory?

Hi there, I’m Sean and I want to be your software company’s CFO.

I’m an ex-software engineer turned finance geek. I’ve built my own successful software products and companies (like StaffGeek and Podcast Show Notes). I know your world because I am you.

In addition to my engineering degree, I have another degree in Finance as well as an MBA. I know bookkeeping, accounting and now I act as a fractional CFO representing software companies like yours.

Since my work is dedicated to software companies like yours, I have industry specific financial data to answer your toughest questions that you can’t get real answers to from anywhere else.

Connect with Sean

The Software CFO Process


First, I’ll provide a comprehensive review of your company’s financials so we can evaluate where you are today.


Next, I’ll explain where you should be to be considered a top performing company in the industry.


Finally, I’ll map out how we will get from where you are today to where you need to be ASAP.

Real Results from People Just Like You

Sean has enabled EmployeeCycle to grow at a remarkable rate. We are making big changes and lots of noise in our industry. Much of that is thanks to our time spent working with Sean.
Bruce Marable
Co-Founder u0026amp; CEO, Employee Cycle
Sean has a great ability to translate between business and tech and that has been invaluable to our success. We come into our meetings with a list of discussion topics, and Sean helps us refine them into a coherent, achievable two week project plan.
Salas Saraiya
Co-Founder u0026amp; CTO, Employee Cycle
Sean was critical in helping CSBS build a strong product function. He helped us build a data-driven product roadmap that delivers a strong ROI for our organization. I’ve taken to referring to him as the ‘product whisperer’.
Jim Cooper
President and CEO,Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS)
Sean was a great help to Exyn and me personally. Our work focused around envisioning and implementing the framework of a high-functioning product development organization. He helped me formalize the mission and provided additional training and mentorship for our product team members, along with practical workshops to help them implement the changes successfully.
Ben Williams
COO, Exyn Technologies
Sean did a great job engaging with our team from the outset. He worked hard to listen and understand our existing procedures, protocols, and personnel in order to help us transition smoothly to a more efficient process without needing to reinvent the wheel. He kept us on track over the course of our engagement with his disciplined approach. Thank you Sean!
Jon Kelly
Founder u0026amp; CEO, Canary Compliance
Sean provided executive product coaching for our leaders. He helped them figure out how they could perform the most impactful work to drive the organization forward.
Tiffany Fields
Head of People, Exyn Technologies
Sean helped me understand what it means to be an effective product manager. Through a combination of one-on-one private coaching, self-study resources he regularly recommended and providing support while I implemented new strategies and processes at Repisodic, we’ve been able to significantly develop our product operation and I’ve been able to grow as a product manager. Thank you Sean!
Preeya D’Mello
Product Manager, Repisodic
Sean makes it really easy to understand how your software solves a problem, and the impact of it. We hired Sean to help us navigate the early stages of our software, and the level of clarity we received from our working together is invaluable. Highly recommend him.
Adam Niec
Founder, Rate Tracker

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