How NxtStep got our business unstuck and moving in the direction of achieving our product goals

How Dineable went from stalled to excited prospective customers with the help of NxtStep.

Industry: Technology – Hospitality

Location: Ardmore, PA

Focus: Event Planners & Small to Medium sized businesses

Specialties: Food & Health, Dietary restrictions

Company Bio:

Dineable is the way to communicate with food preparers about what you eat (your diet!), from wellness goals to food allergies to medical necessities.

Whether training for a marathon or needing to absolutely stay away from ingredients from soy to shellfish to gluten, dining out and attending events without blowing up your diet is good for everyone. Dineable makes it simple to eat out, relax and enjoy exactly the food that is right for you.


Dineable had a mission to make it easier for people with dietary restrictions to enjoy food anywhere, but they were stuck. Progress towards their goals was lacking and they needed help getting unstuck so they could get back to helping people solve their challenges with food. Eventually, the team realized they’d need someone with the expertise getting product companies unstuck to join them.

When Dineable was ready to get back on track they hired NxtStep to help.  

Sean opened my eyes to the world of product strategy. We had been making mistakes that were obvious to him, but not us. Once he helped us get back on track, it was full speed ahead.

Mark Surkin
Co-Founder & CEO, Dineable

 Quantifiable Results

Steps Achieved

Step 1

Customer discovery through prospective customer interviews to identify problems in the hospitality industry

Step 2

Prioritizing the problems in the space to identify the top problem worth solving

Step 3

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Developed a process to solve the biggest problem through software and technology

Step 4

Verification with prospective customers that this potential product would in fact solve their biggest problem

The Challenge

Dineable had great plans for helping people manage their dietary restrictions while dining out.  However, they were stuck and needed the right product help to get them unstuck. This is when Mark Surkin, Dineable Co-Founder and CEO reached out to Sean and Nxtstep for help. 

The Approach

Over the course of 3 months working with the Dineable team, we helped them perform customer discovery through interviews with prospective customers in their target market. This process yielded fantastic results of lots of problems experienced in the space. Once we prioritized this list of problems, it became obvious that bigger problems existed that customers were desperate to solve.


The team went to work refocusing their strategy around this new problem space. Momentum began to build in the right direction and customer conversations moved to the next step in the process almost effortlessly.


With our help, Dineable was able to refocus their product strategy around a big problem in their space. Customer conversations became exciting again because we were proposing solutions to problems that impacted them significantly. We were able to get Dineable successfully unstuck in only 3 months with the right product strategy.

The Solution

NxtStep has provided Dineable with product strategy support, bringing the expertise necessary to the team to get them unstuck and making progress in the right direction.  


This enabled the Dineable team to be reinvigorated in the process and engage with excited customers that were eager to gain access to their future product to solve their problems.

Working with NxtStep was not only rewarding, it was exciting. We had been stuck for so long it started to feel like all hope was lost. Following Sean’s lead helped us realize there are plenty of problems in our space without a viable solution. The Dineable team was newly energized around solving big problems in the space.

Working with Sean was an absolute pleasure. I still regularly ask him for help upon occasion and he always has value to offer. He genuinely cares about our company being successful and is willing to do hard work that few others are to make it so. Thanks again Sean!

Mark Surkin
Co-Founder & CEO, Dineable

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