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AI strategy for nonprofits

Hi, I’m Sean and for 10+ years I’ve helped nonprofits scale impact.

Nonprofits Empowered by my Program

Sean and NxtStep were the exact partners we needed so that we could start bringing value to more clients faster and more cost effectively than we had once thought possible.

Markita Morris-Louis

CEO, Compass Working Capital

Dizzying Array of Options

AI promises to add value in lots of ways, but it’s all changing so fast it can be hard to know where to even start.

Besides the obvious results, it has been a pleasure to work with Sean and his team at NxtStep. They bring so much valuable knowledge and expertise to our team and always share it when necessary so we can not only advance our mission, but further our own education about the process.

George Reuter

Director of Learning & Knowledge Management, Compass Working Capital

Security and Intellectual Property Concerns

You may be wondering how to get started using AI tools that help, but don’t create other problems for you and your team like compromising your organization’s integrity or IP.

It has been a pleasure working with Sean and his team at NxtStep. Our products knowledge has increased significantly and the benefits of their work will continue to pay dividends as we continue to grow and scale our product organization.

Rebecca Block

PhD | Sr Director, Innovation & Continuous Improvement, Springboard

Empower Your Team

Your team wants to use these tools to scale impact, but isn’t sure where and how to get started. Don’t wait to empower them.

Sean was critical in helping CSBS build a strong product function. He helped us build a data-driven product roadmap that delivers a strong ROI for our organization. I’ve taken to referring to him as the ‘product whisperer’.

Jim Cooper

President and CEO,Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS)

The Options I Offer

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I’ll work directly with your team to build a prioritized list of opportunities to scale impact by leveraging AI.

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I’ll help you implement the plan we built together to make sure you realize impact at a whole new level of scale.

Hi there, I’m Sean.

I’m an AI and automation expert with 10+ years of experience helping nonprofits scale their impact to record levels.

Why I Do What I Do

I’ve always been fascinated by technology, but it wasn’t until I realized I could leverage it to help those that need it most that I was able to realize a truly meaningful calling unlike anything I had experienced before.

Each project I take on that provides me with the opportunity to leverage my skills to scale impact is special to me. That’s why I obsess over new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, so that I can learn the most effective strategies to scale impact at mission driven organizations.

If you’d like to learn more about what I may be able to do to help your organization with scaling impact, schedule a free consultation with me.

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