Unsure How to Launch Your SaaS Product?

The failure rate for launching SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products is ridiculously high.  Greater than 9 out of 10 software products fail and you’re afraid if you launch one the same will happen to yours.

You know you can help a larger number of people by offering them a product instead of a service, but your experience launching software products is limited.

How can you make sure you maximize your chances of success?

Imagine Knowing Exactly How to Launch Your Product

Picture this – 6 months from now your SaaS product is launched and growing…quickly. Your customers are raving about the value your product provides and your company is generating more revenue at a higher margin.

Engagement and growth are strong and improving every day.  Your product is well on its way to achieving product-market fit.

Pave the Way with a Product Roadmap

Raise your confidence level with a data-driven roadmap.  I can help you validate what your customer needs and what we should build.  As part of that process, we’ll also learn how to effectively market to your customers to drive growth.

Why Invest in a Product Roadmap?

Here’s How It Works

I’ll perform discovery with you, your team and your target market customers.  These calls will take place over zoom and be recorded, processed and analyzed so we can track every valuable piece of information.

The data will yield insights into the problems we’ll need to solve with your product for your target market.  This will influence the major modules of your application that should be the primary focus of the first major version.

At the end of the process, I’ll deliver your roadmap which will include insights related to target market discovery, problems worth solving, key modules to include in your build AND ideas worth exploring to effectively market to your customer.

Your Product Roadmap Will Include the Following:

Your roadmap will be organized into a phased-based plan of implementation so you can prioritize according to the resources available at your disposal.

You will start receiving value immediately upon implementing the first step in your product roadmap.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to give your product the best chance to succeed?  Get tons of value from your product roadmap that will supercharge development AND marketing for your product.

The price is $25k. Implementing the roadmap is guaranteed to provide your firm with a return of at least double that figure.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If your roadmap doesn’t yield the results you wanted and you’re left disappointed in any way, I’ll refund your money in full.

Have more questions?

You’ll automatically be directed to a booking link where you can pick from our mutual availability to schedule our kickoff session. Most meetings take between 60-90 minutes.  Extra time is reserved if we need to go over.

I’ve delivered countless product roadmaps across industries.  You can read more about many of them in the case studies section of my website.  There you’ll find lots of details about each project as well as quotes from people like you that I’ve worked with.  If you’d like to ask any of them about working with me, please feel free to reach out to them on social media and ask.

It depends on several factors related to the availability of your team and target customers.  Once the interviews are completed, we’ll need less than 2 weeks to build your roadmap.  The whole process typically takes between 3-4 weeks on average.

No problem. Email me at sean@nxtstep.io and I’ll answer them.

Unsure if you are ready for a product roadmap?

Who are you?

I’ve been in software and technology all of my life.  I’ve succeeded and failed at building software product businesses.  I’ve made the mistakes so I can help you avoid them.

Since an early age I’ve been obsessed with products.  Throughout my career I developed a knack for solving business problems with software.  My mission is to rid the world of product failure.  Bringing your vision to life drives me.

I’m constantly refining value propositions and launching new products of my own.  Learn more about products I’ve built like StaffGeek and Podcast Chef.


Save Your Product

Don’t let your product become a statistic.  Most products fail for totally avoidable reasons.  Let me help you avoid the pitfalls and drive closer to the success you really want. 

100% Money back guarantee – If your roadmap doesn’t yield the results you wanted and you’re left disappointed in any way, I’ll refund your money in full.

Still not sure? Email me at sean@nxtstep.io and we’ll make time to chat.

Capacity is Limited

I dive deep into these projects and can only take on so many each year.  The process is first come, first serve so if you’re serious book now because this offering sells out each year once I’ve hit my capacity.