When you need to herd cats … DOODLE!

by Sean Boyce
Herding cats with doodle

If you’ve ever tried to organize a family reunion, you already know that one of the hardest tasks is to get participants to agree on a date. People may be coming to the event from afar, which means they’re taking into consideration various factors such as transportation and housing.  And these days, people lead such busy lives that their calendars fill up very quickly.  Trying to come up with the date using back-and-forth phone calls or email that’s acceptable to most people can be an organizational nightmare.  Yet, having organizers settle on a date without input from all parties is a recipe for disaster.

Enter Doodle.  Doodle is a scheduler assistant tool, available on the web and mobile, that aids in organizing meetings and events between a group of people.  With just a few clicks organizers can pick a selection of days and times, add participants with just an email address, and send it out to everyone to vote.  People check their calendars, vote for days they are available, and the organizer can pick the time that works for as many people as possible. Democracy in action!

Businesses today are often staffed by full-time, part-time, and remote workers.  Scheduling a meeting that all involved are able to attend can be a managerial headache.  Doodle saves time, effort, and increases the odds of successfully scheduling an event.  As for employees, they get to indicate by their votes when they can meet.  They have more of a say in the decision, and this incentivizes them to participate.  Remember, when building a marketplace-style application it’s important to incentivize all parties to participate.

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Doodle’s free version is perfect for small businesses and personal events.  They also offer premium options that provide for better tracking, custom branding, and multiple users.

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