How NxtStep helped us develop a product strategy that delivers results

How EmployeeCycle was able to develop product resources that solve real problems for their customers with the help of NxtStep.

Employee Cycle

Industry: Technology – Human Resources

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Focus: Small to medium sized businesses

Specialties: HR analytics

Company Bio:

Employee Cycle combines disconnected workforce data from different HR systems into one user-friendly HR dashboard, empowering HR leaders to view, track, and analyze all their people data in one place.


The EmployeeCycle team had a vision to empower human resources professionals with the data they need to make decisions that impact the business. To achieve this significant undertaking, they quickly realized they’d need the right product help to make it a reality.

When EmployeeCycle was ready to make great strides for their customers, they enlisted the help of NxtStep to set them up with the right product strategy.

Sean has enabled EmployeeCycle to grow at a remarkable rate. We are making big changes and lots of noise in our industry. Much of that is thanks to our time spent working with Sean.

Bruce Marable
Co-Founder & CEO, Employee Cycle

Quantifiable Results

Steps Achieved

Step 1

Customer discovery to identify the biggest problems experienced by the customer in our target market

Step 2

Developed a roadmap to organize our product development efforts around our customers needs

Step 3

Validating our solutions by presenting them to the customer and measuring their experience

The Challenge

Employee Cycle had ambitious goals to revolutionize the world of human resources, but it wasn’t going to happen without the appropriate product strategy. This is when Bruce, their Co-Founder & CEO decided to bring Sean and NxtStep onto the team to develop a product strategy that would set Employee Cycle up for success.

The Approach

Over a period of 6 months working together with the Employee Cycle team, we have been able to produce multiple rounds of customer interviews and an effective product roadmap for which the technical team has been able to organize effort around.

With our help, Employee Cycle has been able to make real progress towards building a successful product organization. This has enabled the company executives to focus on selling the product value proposition and fundraising. NxtStep has been able to deliver these results in only 6 months working together.

The Solution

NxtStep has provided Employee Cycle with the right product strategy to achieve their goals. Through customer discovery and the development of a product roadmap the team is armed with everything they need to measure the strength of the company’s value proposition.

This enabled the Employee Cycle team to focus on growing their business and achieving their goals.

Sean has a great ability to translate between business and tech and that has been invaluable to our success. We come into our meetings with a list of discussion topics, and Sean helps us refine them into a coherent, achievable two week project plan.

Salas Saraiya Co-Founder & CTO, Employee Cycle

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