How NxtStep helped one of our team members to develop into a product leader for the organization

How Repisodic was able to develop a product leader from within the organization who worked together with NxtStep to develop invaluable product resources and offer increasing critical product leadership for the team.

Industry: Technology – Hospital & Health Care Software

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Focus: Post-Acute Care

Specialties: Patient Engagement, Care Coordination, Value Based Care, and Care Transitions

Company Bio:

Repisodic is a digital healthcare ecosystem that aligns hospitals, post-acute care providers and patients. Repisodic Choice helps care management leaders manage the complexity of patient discharges with an easy to implement EHR add- on that guides patients to high quality providers in the community. Repisodic Choice helps hospitals reduce costs and improve post-acute care outcomes while increasing patient satisfaction with the discharge process.

The Repisodic ecosystem aligns hospitals, post-acute care providers and patients to coordinate care and improve outcomes. Repisodic provides free information and services to help patients, families and caregivers navigate post-acute care. Repisodic Choice, our solution for hospitals and health systems, optimizes care transitions by generating dynamic preferred provider networks based on each patient’s unique needs and walking each patient through the selection process. Repisodic Link, our solution for post-acute care providers, enables post-acute care providers to drive referrals and connect with patients as they make their care decisions.


Repisodic had an opportunity to grow, but needed to support the development of their product personnel in order to do so successfully. Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Cwalinski decided to engage NxtStep for their Product Training services. 


Repisodic wished to replicate the early success they had with customers across the industry. To do so would require becoming more disciplined and methodical in their approach to product management.

Sean helped me understand what it means to be an effective product manager. Through a combination of one-on-one private coaching, self-study resources he regularly recommended and providing support while I implemented new strategies and processes at Repisodic, we’ve been able to significantly develop our product operation and I’ve been able to grow as a product manager. Thank you Sean!

Preeya D’Mello
Product Manager, Repisodic

 Quantifiable Results

Steps Achieved

Step 1

Customized product management training program

Step 2

Hand selected self-study curriculum

Step 3

Customer discovery and user research programs developed

The Challenge

The complexity of the Repisodic product was growing as they were regularly adding new customers and users to their platform. This required junior product personnel to develop and step up into a more senior role that was needed to keep the product operation running smoothly.

The Approach

NxtStep began by developing a custom training program around the Repisodic product team.  We set regular meetings to perform discovery to better understand current product operations at the company. We made regular suggestions for how to improve their product operation through the development of their product team.

The Solution

The Repisodic product team began developing in critical areas immediately. These new skills were then leveraged to assist the product organization across various functional areas. As new challenges were presented, we worked with their product team to ensure they had all the necessary tools and resources to get the job done successfully for their team.

During and after working with Sean at NxtStep, I witnessed a transformation in our lead Product Manager’s productivity and efficiency. She [Preeya] was producing great results that were leading to real progress for our team and customers. I’m excited to see her continue on this path that Sean has helped her develop. Thank you Sean!

Mike Cwalinski
Co-Founder and CEO, Repisodic

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