What’s the story on FullStory?

by Sean Boyce

FullStory is a powerful digital intelligence platform.  Let’s break the product down using the framework of the Product Launch System from NxtStep.


Anyone who has built a digital product is well aware of how difficult it can be to capture valuable analytics as they regard to usage.  Do your customers view your product as valuable? Is it easy to use? What’s the overall user experience? Uncovering this information is tricky, and it’s even more difficult to identify the patterns. These are the problems that FullStory solves.


Analytics tools typically provide tons of data in the form of numbers.  These numbers are often useful, but they hardly tell the FullStory. (See what I did there?) Rather than just a report packed with numbers, FullStory will show you literally everything in the form of a recording.  With a bit of code injected into your digital product, you can record each and every user session all over your product. And you can even playback each and every click and action a customer takes while using your product.  It’s hard to beat that kind of valuable insight.


FullStory is a SaaS product that allows you to manage your account while reviewing all of the sessions that a user has completed while utilizing your product. It’s full-featured in that it includes reporting, analytics, insights and management. If you haven’t given FullStory a try already, I highly encourage you to do so. You stand to learn countless insights about exactly how your users are relating to your product.

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