Improve Your Team’s Communication with the Productivity Tool Slack

by Sean Boyce

Stephen is a seasoned entrepreneur who had an idea for an app that would not only help his own business, but that he would also be able to sell to other businesses. He had the funding lined up, and then did his due diligence in putting a team together to create the application. He hired a team of well-respected developers and designers who then proceeded to work on bringing Stephen’s idea to life.

Although Stephen’s developers were very skilled and experienced, they all worked remotely, with a few workers offshore. After describing his idea to the developers, and expressing his desire to stay within the loop as the app was created, Stephen soon realized that he was losing track of many of the details of production. The team was using Skype and email to communicate with one another, and no one was keeping track of all of the messages. Some salient details were lost to the rest of the team when they were decided during quick Skype messages between two or three of the developers, while others were missed in long email threads. Stephen soon found that not only was he becoming confused as to what was really being accomplished, but the process was also taking way too long and costing him more money than he had budgeted.

That’s when Stephen called us.

At NxtStep, we see this situation often. We understand that a critical element of successful app development is fast and efficient communication between all parties. After researching and testing the many options available to aid in this process, we can confidently recommend the SLACK app as the best alternative.

All Communications Are Aggregated and Archived in One Place.

SLACK has many benefits that make it the best choice for app developers, but the most important feature is streamlining and archiving communications. Through the use of labeled channels, SLACK users can access all communications relevant to development, divided into specific topics. Individual channels can be specific to a team, a project or anything else that might be relevant.  Unlike lengthy email chains, anyone can enter or leave a channel at any time, while the entire conversation remains stored for future use.

SLACK Allows File Sharing in Nearly Every Format.

Users can upload PDFs, images or videos directly into SLACK that are accessible to all authorized parties. The app enables viewers to leave feedback and all uploads are archived. A company can then have and organized record of all the documents relevant to a project.

SLACK’s search function makes finding specific details quick and easy.

This function allows team members to find what they are looking for without wasting time. It’s even more useful when moving from prototype to expanded versions of an app, or bringing on new team members. Everyone can get up to speed very quickly on what transpired previously.

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Individual Channels Can Be Shared Outside the Team.

If a salesperson or financial consultant is brought in at a later date, only the information relevant to that specialist can be shared. This is critical when there is proprietary information that needs to be protected.

Whether a company needs to pull files from a simple tool like Dropbox, or has a need to connect more a complex solution such as Salesforce, SLACK allows integration of nearly every business function commonly used. This means users spend less time juggling tabs and more time being productive.

Security and Compliance Are Built Into SLACK.

An organization’s data is protected on every level in SLACK, with technology that far exceeds the industry’s standard. They have many certifications in compliance and regulations, as well as the new EU requirements.

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