How important is your product?: The Vitamin vs. Painkiller Concept

by Sean Boyce
Vitamin Vs. Painkiller Concept

Like most phone users, I utilize apps on a daily basis to keep myself productive and engaged. These apps range in function from social media and messaging to news outlets.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn French. I knew very little of the language and needed to start from scratch. I’d heard great things about the Duolingo app. It’s very easy to use and engages different skills to help you master a language. I try to use Duolingo daily, however if I forget or don’t have time for the lesson, it’s not the end of the world, and I can pick it up when I have time.

As an entrepreneur, my business depends upon meeting with clients on a regular basis, and that requires me to have a detailed schedule. My phone’s Calendar app is connected to my email so I can set up appointments for both my schedule and my clients’, and also receive reminders of upcoming events. If I don’t have access to my calendar, I’d very likely miss a meeting. and could cause me to lose a client, revenue, and even my reputation.

Both of these apps are on my phone and I use them frequently, but it is obvious which one is more important to me. This difference can be explained with the Vitamin vs. Painkiller Concept.

Duolingo is nice to have, but ultimately not a necessity. I could learn a language on my own, or use a different method, and if I skipped a lesson or two it wouldn’t make a difference in my day-to-day life. That makes this app a Vitamin.

My Calendar app is a critical necessity that I must have to keep my business afloat. Without it, I would be disorganized and miss meetings. For this reason, this app is a Painkiller.

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When creating your product strategy, you need to understand what essential need your product will fulfill for your customer. The more urgent the problem your product will solve for the customer, the easier it makes the decision to buy your product. Furthermore, if their need to solve that problem is strong enough, your customers will go out of their way to purchase your product.

If, after giving it some thought and compiling evidence, you are convinced that your product is a must-have Painkiller, then you’re well on your way to success.

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