Expanding our suite of products with the help of NxtStep

How Protoqual was able to improve their development efforts and bring additional products to market successfully with the help of NxtStep.

Industry: Healthcare – Education Management

Location: Indian Wells, CA

Focus: Low income families

Specialties: Healthcare systems

Company Bio:
Protoqual builds learning technology and evidence-based medical education designed to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience, increase efficient use of healthcare resources, and enhance the skill, knowledge, and satisfaction of healthcare providers.


Protoqual had ambitious plans to bring several healthcare related products to market, but they lacked the skills and expertise to manage these plans themselves. They made several attempts to work with product development agencies with only moderate success.


When Protoqual realized they needed product help to reach their goals effectively they hired NxtStep to run their product operations.

Sean and NxtStep developed and maintained an effective product strategy for Protoqual that delivered consistent results and really helped make our products successful.

Alan Altman
Chief Executive Officer

 Quantifiable Results


Implemented Processes


Delivered Product Requirement


New Investor Relationships


Comprehensive Testing Programs Developed

The Challenge

Protoqual had great ideas for their product, but they lacked the product expertise to develop a product strategy and implement it to achieve their goals. Alex Altman, their Chief Operating Officer, knew their products could be successful, but that it would require the right help to do it properly.

The Approach

Over the course of a year working with Protoqual, we’ve developed a product strategy for their PX (patient experience), Quiqnote and Journal Club products. This has helped bring the products to market faster and drive the organization closer to achieving their goals.


Each product has its own unique requirements that we’ve refined through a series of interviews with the Protoqual clients and team members to uncover the biggest challenges that need to be solved by the respective Protoqual products.


With our help, Protoqual was able to bring new products to market much faster and more cost effectively. We were able to save the Protoqual team months in delays and development efforts and tens of thousands of dollars in budget. All while bringing effective products to market for the healthcare industry.

The Solution

NxtStep has provided Protoqual with full-service product strategy and operation support, taking care of everything they might need to ensure their products achieve the goals necessary for their clients in the healthcare industry.


This enables the Protoqual team to focus on critical business operations like growing their team and raising investment capital.

Working with NxtStep has enabled our team to move faster and save on budget all while making real progress on the further development of our suite of products. Our customers are happy and we’re excited about the future of our product plans.

Having the right product strategy has helped us prepare for rolling our product out ahead of schedule with critical customers.

It has been a pleasure working with Sean and his team at NxtStep. Our products knowledge has increased significantly and the benefits of their work will continue to pay dividends as we continue to grow and scale our product organization.

Alan Altman
Chief Executive Officer

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