How NxtStep took us from idea to functional prototype in less than 3 months

How VUWR was able to organize their exciting ideas into solutions to real problems that customers needed with the help of NxtStep.

Industry: Technology – Video Chat

Location: New York, NY

Focus: Professional service providers

Specialties: Video chat services

Company Bio:

VUWR is the last video chat tool you will ever need. We help remove obstacles from the process of having a straightforward conversation over video for business purposes. Our tool is easier to use and more secure than the alternatives on the market. Existing tools are slow, hard to use and lack the security necessary to ensure your privacy. At VUWR, we focus on giving you exactly what you need and in a way that ensures your conversations will always be secure.


The VUWR team had great plans to bring a better video chat tool to market, however, they quickly realized they would need the right kind of product expertise to organize their efforts towards making real progress in a crowded space.  


When VUWR realized they needed help bringing their plans to life, they hired NxtStep to help.

Sean knew exactly how to organize our efforts to get our project moving quickly.  We went from idea to prototype and something that we could sell in less than 3 months with his help.

Gary Nerlinger
Founder, VUWR

Quantifiable Results

Steps Achieved

Step 1

Customer discovery to evaluate various target markets and understand their video needs

Step 2

Developed a functional prototype for demonstration and prospecting purposes

Step 3

Interviewing customers while using the prototype to measure their experience

Step 4

Developed marketing materials including a website and logo that effectively communicates the VUWR value proposition

The Challenge

VUWR had big plans to make waves in the video chat industry; however, they didn’t have the product leadership needed to know exactly how to focus efforts towards making real progress.  This is when Chief Operating Officer, William Bogans enlisted the help of Sean at NxtStep to kick the VUWR project into high gear.

The Approach

Over a period of 6 months working together with the VUWR team, we have been able to produce multiple rounds of customer interviews which has led to the development of an effective product strategy that is producing real results. We’ve been able to produce a functional prototype which has enabled the VUWR team to sell the value proposition to investors and raise additional capital to grow the business.


With our help, VUWR has been able to make real progress towards building a successful product organization. This has enabled the company executives to focus on selling the product value proposition and fundraising. NxtStep has been able to deliver these results in only a few months working together.

The Solution

NxtStep has provided VUWR with the right product strategy to achieve their goals. Through customer discovery and the development of a functional prototype the team is armed with everything they need to measure the strength of the company’s value proposition.  


This enabled the VUWR team to grow the business the way they wanted to do so.  Stay lean and build momentum in the right direction.

Sean and NxtStep have helped us make progress faster than we thought we would. Following their methodology of solving the right problem for a specific target market has really helped us refine our approach. Now that we have a prototype to demonstrate our value proposition, conversations are easier and we’re building momentum in the right direction.

Working with Sean and NxtStep has been a pleasure. They are true professionals that know exactly what we need exactly when we need it

George Reuter
Director of Learning and Knowledge Management

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