Always start with what you know

I was so excited to start my first product venture.  I couldn’t stop fantasizing about the possibilities and the wild success we were going to experience.  Needless to say, I was naive.

My first product venture fell flat and I was dealt a big slice of humble pie.  This was also new to me because I had built products before (not as my own company) that were a big success.  What did I do wrong this time?  To make a long story short…

I didn’t really know the target market.

The product success I experienced earlier was at and old job that I had done for YEARS.  I knew EVERYTHING about that industry and now I was trying to solve problems in an industry that I had only observed from a distance.

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The point is that I took for granted how important it was to know everything about my target market.  I don’t want you to make the same mistake.  That’s why I’m advocating for you to solve problems that are as close to your own experience as possible.

In the end, it will matter in a BIG way.

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