Building software MUCH faster

We are likely all used to technology evolving all around us in what might seem to be a constant stream of new innovation.

What might be less obvious is how technology typically evolves…

Technology inevitably evolves in the direction of the bottleneck.

This means that most of the resources are dedicated to eliminating the slowest step of the process.  Eventually that investment pays off and we experience a leap forward in progress.

The latest leap comes from the AI world in the form of ChatGPT.

So what will these AI tools disrupt related to B2B SaaS companies?

Building features and applications MUCH faster.

ChatGPT is aiming to eliminate software engineering as the bottleneck in the process of building software and it’s already making BIG waves.

It does that by writing the code for you.  All you have to do is ask and the perfectly formatted code you need is available in SECONDS.

I even made a video demonstration to show you.

BIG changes are coming to product development teams everywhere.  Is your team ready?


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