Sharing a Netflix account?

First things first, I’m no judge or some kind of Netflix cop.  In fact, I currently borrow my Netflix login from one of my family members (thanks fam!).

However, what I didn’t know is that apparently millions of others are doing the same thing.

“Some estimates suggest as many as a third of accounts share a password. That means there are as many as 70 million people who are using Netflix without paying.”

Now, Netflix could crack down on this, but so far they’ve decided to turn a blind eye.  However, they do want to keep growing so what are they doing instead?  They’re raising their prices on those that actually do pay.

It’s a smart move.

If they clamp down on the sharing, there’s likely to be outrage.  The phenomenon at this point is so common it’s almost like an inside joke that millions of people are in on that keeps Netflix top of mind.  I think it actually helps them.

Plus, those that are paying are highly likely to pay a little bit more without much pushback.

However, now I feel guilty and am going to have to start contributing to the family fund.

Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing Netflix.  However, I do respect the hustle – well played.

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