Hunters and gatherers

Growing up we were all taught some version of the story of early civilization as they sought to find sources of food.

The group would typically be broken up into hunters and gatherers.

Some would hunt game and others would look for sources of food they could simply collect.

In all of these stories a key element was that they were always doing both.  That’s because these strategies complement each other.

This is why I want you to find effective ways for you to make your product sales and marketing efforts work together so you can be more effective at both.

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For example, I leverage podcasting to connect with people and build relationships.  Best case, I can secure a new paying client for my product (hunting), worst case, I produce excellent organic content which helps prospects find my product naturally (gatherer/farmer).

I can live with that range of scenarios all day long.

How can you make your sales and marketing efforts more complementary?

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