How to waste $1 million dollars on software

How would you like to spend $1 million dollars, lose 2 years of your life and get nothing?

Well that’s exactly what happened to a county in Tennessee as they attempted to upgrade their court system software.

The new software system was supposed to streamline their operation and save tens of thousands of dollars each year.

What actually happened was they wasted 2 years and over a million dollars on the project that ended up being a total loss.  At one point during the project, the new software was performing so poorly that courts couldn’t issue check for child support.  Yikes.

By the time the dust settled, the court system was back to using the dot-matrix printers they first started using 25 years ago.  Ouch.

Building software is not only time-consuming and expensive, it can prevent you from focusing on your main objective – validating your value proposition.  Don’t get sucked into the trap.

Read more about this story from the Daily News Journal.

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