I guess I need a podcast now?

If you don’t know me personally, I’m obsessed with efficiency.  It drives everyone around me in my personal life crazy because nothing is ever fast enough.

If somethings takes two steps, my thought process is always – “Why can’t it be done in one?”

Good news is this drive often leads to strategies that have helped me and hopefully you with your business.  In this case, it relates to how I originally got into podcasting.

At the time, I was trying to improve the efficiency of selling my services.  In person networking was great, but very time consuming (inefficient) and lead generation services ran for me, but largely didn’t work (ineffective).  I wanted something better.

As I tend to do, I set out to experiment.  I evaluated 5-10 different ‘hooks’ that might engage my target market prospect and one of those hooks was “do you want to be a guest on my podcast?”

Long story short, podcasting performed best by a wide margin and since I took a lean approach (at the time) I knew nothing about podcasting so I had to quickly figure it out :).

Fast forward to today and each of my businesses has their own podcast.  It continues to be a very successful channel for each and I really enjoy the process of connecting with awesome people and providing a platform to share their message.

The point is podcasting ended up being the tactic I used to make my product sales process repeatable and you can run a similar experiment to mine to find the most effective hook for your business as well.

Read my latest blog article for more detailed approach complete with free templates for running you own experiment.

Remember, repeatability is the key.

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