Achieving success in sales isn’t about people, it’s about process

I’ve read through a lot of sales ‘advice’ throughout my career and much of it has focused on people.

It seems many think that to be successful in sales you need a particular personality, usually an outgoing, extraverted personality.

If fact, there’s a lot of data that suggests that introverts are typically more successful as sales people.

I’d like to debunk another sales myth.  I think success in sales isn’t typically dependent on the person, it’s dependent on the process.

You need to build a process to be successful in sales and product sales are no different.

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Your sales process should be a series of steps with expectations of how performant your sales process is by the data that has already been through it to test and validate these numbers.

So I’d encourage you to stop worrying about success in sales as particular people and start focusing on your process.

I’ve written about this recently in my latest article.  I hope it helps.

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