How to make product sales scale

Tons of content is focused on product-market fit, but much of it doesn’t help you figure out how to get there.

First off, I want you to think of product-market fit as a phase, NOT a destination.

This is because both variables in the equation are dynamic.  Your product and your market are every changing.  As such, you can discover product market fit and fall out of it just as easily.

The strategy I recommend is all about taking your product sales process to the next level – scalability.

If you can scale your product sales effort and grow your key metrics, then you can reach and keep product-market fit.

You’ll use the product sales process you built to train additional resources on your team to help you grow.  Leverage the performance benchmark you set when building this process to measure whether or not it is working across your sales team.

For a deeper dive that breaks down all the steps to building your product sales process, read my related article on building an effective product sales process.

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