Solve your own problem, just like Onlinejobs

I’m always thinking about how I can better communicate effective product strategies.  This is all in an effort to full-fill the mission I’ve set for myself to help rid the world of product failure.

Occasionally I get some help with communicating my message from others that have also done it successfully.

Recently, I interviewed John Jonas on my podcast.  John started which is a job board for hiring people that live and work in the Philippines.

Onlinejobs solved John’s biggest problem – hiring people to grow his online businesses.  As it turns out, lots of other people were also interested in a better solution to this problem as well to the tune of what is now over 400K employer accounts on the platform.  Sounds like solid product-market fit to me.

John’s best advice for achieving success in product?  “Solve your own problem.”

So what problem do you need solved?

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