The power of positioning

Positioning is powerful.  Done well, it makes you think of only that product or service to solve a specific problem.

  • Ever needed something to tie some wires together?  Are you thinking Ziptie or maybe Velcro?
  • Ever needed a bag to store some almonds or chips?  Are you thinking Ziplock bag?
  • What about storing food you cooked in the fridge for later?  How about Tupperware?

These names have become synonymous with solving specific problems – VERY effective positioning.

Even more interesting, most of these names are actually brand names.  The technical name for Velcro is hook-and-loop fasteners.  Easier to just say Velcro isn’t it?

Take a closer look at the positioning for your product or service.  Are prospects in your target market immediately thinking of you when they encounter that problem?

If not, your positioning may need some adjusting.

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