Poor usability is Expensive

Usability is a big deal when it comes to software products.  The company Pendo produces and annual report on the topic that tells us why it’s so important.

“Pendo determined that 80 percent of features in the average software product are rarely or never used.”

That’s right 4 out of 5 features that are built are largely NEVER used.  That means 80% of development effort is largely wasted.

Not only is this expensive and wasteful, arguably the most negative consequence is to the usability of your product.  If for every 5 features you ship, 4 are not used then you are continuously making your product experience worse for everyone.

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The lesson here is you need to be more protective over your product experience.  Don’t build something unless the vast majority of your customers are desperate for it.

If they aren’t, reinvest that time elsewhere.  I’d suggest speaking with more customers to find out what they actually do want :).

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