What if no one wants to buy the product I build for myself?

It’s a great question, but whether or not you realize it – it may also be irrelevant.

I say this because the motivation to build a product to solve your problem is all about you and your business.  The key here is to make sure that your situation is much improved by this product.  I’ve done this for myself with Podcast Chef.

The primary objective I had for Podcast Chef was to build a system around the podcasts I own and operate.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Now, I just need to meet people and record episodes, which is exactly what I wanted.  Huge value add for me.

The extra opportunity for Podcast Chef came from sharing this win with others and them expressing interest in getting that value for themselves.  As I learned more, I figured out how to position my product business to speak more specifically to the target market audience that I also know all too well – consultants.  Again, because that’s who I am.  Get it?

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Most of this information is either already in your head or something you’re experiencing everyday.  You just haven’t prioritized solving it yet.

The first step is to identify your bottle neck.  So what’s currently slowing you down the most?

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