When should you invest in marketing?

Like many things when it comes to product, most people get marketing wrong.  I know I did when I built my first product business.

The biggest question I get about marketing is – ‘when should I start?’  However, I feel a more relevant question really is ‘how should I start?’

This is because the answer to the first question is well…always.  Marketing takes a while to produce results so the sooner you get started the better.  Plus you’ll need time to practice and refine your message.

Knowing how to start however, that’s a little tricker.  What you want is a channel that complements the other activities you are currently prioritizing.

Podcasting works wonders for me because I’m obsessed with efficiency.  I want to produce content and network at the same time and podcasting gives me the ability to do that.

So what marketing channel works best for you?

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