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E34: Balancing Discipline and Agility in Product Management with Jama Software’s Jeremy Johnson

Vice President of Product Management at Jama Software Jeremy Johnson joins me to discuss how he maximizes his effectiveness as a project manager, the importance of listening to customer feedback, and how to move faster in product development.

Jeremy Johnson is the Vice President of Product Management at Jama Software, where he is a customer-focused product manager, strategist, leader, and coach.
Jeremy has spent over 12 years building, coaching, and leading diverse global teams to develop and execute product strategies and go-to-market plans to improve customer experience and drive revenue growth. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:

  • The benefits of having a non-technical background when working in product management.
  • How having an effective understanding of the responsibility and importance of the functional areas of an organization will help you be a better product manager.
  • How to perform product management effectively in a complex environment with a team.
  • The importance of effective processes to ensure that product management is done well.
  • Sharing responsibility on your product team to make sure that you can be agile and consistent.
  • The Jama Connect value proposition and how their customers benefit from using it.
  • Why receiving customer feedback about how to improve a product is critical no matter how complex the product is.
  • How to move faster in product development by being more thorough with your product design and testing process.


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  • 16:15 – “Our business aligns with the way our product is utilized with our customers. They themselves are balancing some level of innovation, agility, go-to-market urgency, time to market, and things like that.”
  • 20:46 – “The biggest thing that we continue to reinforce, and I continue to reinforce with my team, is getting the feedback directly from the customers or validating what we’re hearing internally.”