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E51: Connecting with Your Target Market and Generating Hype with Nick Yarnall

by Sean Boyce

Serial entrepreneur Nick Yarnall joins me to explain how he connected with his target market to get discovery feedback, generated hype around his idea, and the steps to creating a prototype product.

Nick Yarnall is a University Professor, President and CEO of Potestiam, and a serial entrepreneur.
Nick is a big believer in incorporating your hobbies and your work life so that you’re working on something you love. Through doing this Nick was able to conceptualize, design, manufacture, and successfully launch a technology accessory in just 4 weeks. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:
  • How Nick found his passion for 3D printing.
  • The unique docking stations Nick designed for retro handheld gaming devices.
  • How Nick engaged with his target market to gain discovery feedback.
  • The power of Reddit and how Nick used it to generate hype.
  • How to gain international status with a new product.
  • The advantage of working on a product that you’re really passionate about.


Connecting with Nick Yarnall:

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Connecting with the host:


  • 15:03 – “By spacing out different product launches that allows me to build a little bit more hype around those launches.”
  • 22:26 – “This all started as a passion project, I had some downtime I wanted to improve my skill set, learn a little bit more about 3D modeling. I found myself finding that nice overlap between professional skills and my hobby, my interest, and that’s where I really like to live, where I like to work.”