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E57: Diving Deeper into Alternative Fee Arrangements with AltFee’s Scott & Digby Leigh

I’m joined by Scott and Digby Leigh, Co-Founders of AltFee to discuss alternative fee arrangements for law firms and how they are superior to hourly billing.

Scott Leigh is a lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, founding several businesses throughout the years while practicing law at the same time. After being involved in the legal industry for over 10 years, Scott leveraged his experience to buildAltFee. While Digby Leigh brings his 15 years of entrepreneurial and marketing background to the legal industry to provide a fresh strategic perspective to the traditional legal model. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode:

  • What AltFee is and how it helps law firms
  • The key features of AltFee that help law firms successfully transition away from hourly billing
  • The traction AltFee has experienced since launch
  • What a firm looks like before and after implementing fixed price and value based pricing models
  • How the industry is transitioning away from hourly billing


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  • 02:55 – “there’s tons of flexibility in what that can be. There’s almost unlimited, examples of pricing under that, because it’s only limited by your creativeness and the combination of some typical ones, what we’ve done is we’ve gone and taken that concept and built software that allows law firms to successfully move away from billing by the hour, by having a proper system as the foundation for it.”
  • 20:34 – “you can actually do your job better as a service provider because the client’s less worried about giving you that quick call because you’re gonna have to record a 0.1 If you pick up the phone, all those little mini challenges are really removed and you’re put in a position, you can be sort of more team aligned. And, you know, I was talking to someone yesterday and they described it as life changing when they made the move, which is crazy to think, they literally said life changing was how they described that move when they were able to get away from billing by the hour to, you know, alternative fees and how they were doing it”