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E102: The Most Important B2B SaaS Skill Of The Future

by Sean Boyce

AI are developing at light speed.  They provide us with a HUGE opportunity to build more powerful B2B SaaS products faster than ever.

One skill in particular will be critically important to continually develop to prepare you as best as possible to succeed in building B2B SaaS products.  Let’s talk about it.

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Episode Transcript
Hey folks, Sean here, and today what I wanna talk to you about is what I feel will be the single most important skill to master if you want to continually succeed in B2B SaaS, and in particular, leveraging the micro SaaS strategy. I’ve been talking a lot more about recently, so I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with information in terms of AI and especially chat g p t.

But obviously the rest of some of the larger competitors out there are scrambling to try to get their AI tools to market like Google, for example. Regardless, we’re gonna continue to see a lot of innovation here, which I think is exciting and I think really important for those of us out there looking to build more B2B SaaS products.

Having said that, I feel like the most important skill to master for now, and something I’m working pretty diligently on at the moment is what was referred to as prompt engineering. It’s a concept of essentially how I would describe it, getting good at asking these tools the right question to get the answer that you’re looking for as consistently and most effectively.

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So prompt engineering is all about figuring out what to ask, chat, G P T in order to get essentially the best version of the information that you’re looking for. Because of the capabilities of these tools, they can help you.  quite a bit of progress very early on in whatever it is that you’re building. So if you’re thinking of building a product with these AI tools built in, and I’ve been doing a lot of this most recently.

In fact, I might continue to specialize on it in in it moving forward because, It just has pretty dramatic capabilities, then you’re gonna need to get good at figuring out how to interact with it in order to get the information that you need. So over the weekend, I watched a few really interesting YouTube videos, and one of the ways that they recommended you refine these skills is actually to use the tool itself.

the technical version of this is referred to as recursion, where basically a program calls itself over and over again to help you with whatever it is you’re trying to do. The movie version of this might be Inception, , but either way you get the idea, right? Using the tool to get better at using the tool.

It’s pretty cool. So you would issue a series of commands to chat C B T to tell, tell it that you’re going to be conducting an exercise with it, as in. I want you to continually provide me with feedback or ask me questions to learn more about what I’m trying to achieve, and then make recommendations for how the prompt should be updated in order to continually make the result that I’m looking for better.

It was a really interesting exercise. I’m gonna go through it probably today, but definitely this week in order to improve some of the tools that I’m.  that have the chat, G P T and other AI tools integrated in them. But I wanted to share that with you because I think it’s a great way to develop a process or a routine for yourself to figure out how to get better at leveraging these tools and in particular, how to continually develop what I feel will be coming increasingly important skillset moving forward.

That being prompt engineering.