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E104: AI Tools Are Making This Bad Problem Worse

AI tools are great for building a product that can do more even faster, but the BIGGEST problem in B2B SaaS remains and are actually getting worse.

People are shipping products that don’t offer value at a faster pace now because they aren’t doing the most important step first – finding problems worth solving.

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Episode Transcript
Hey everyone, Sean here, and today what I wanna talk to you about is how AI tools are taking one particular problem of designing, building, launching a B2B SaaS product and actually making it worse. So a lot, there’s a lot of buzz about what the AI tools are capable of and how remarkable that is, and that’s all great.

I think one of the strengths of these AI tools is that it gives us. The ability to do a lot more with a lot less because the tools are so capable themselves. However, it doesn’t fix what ultimately, I believe, to be the biggest problem with people who want to design and build a successful B2B SaaS business.

And to me, that’s the finding a problem worth solving challenge. Many people are still struggling with that, and the problem with these AI tools is it’s easier to move faster and to design a product with even better capabilities, but it’s not solving that problem’s worth solving challenge for you. So what people are doing, what I’m seeing more of on online communities like Reddit and things like that, that I’m subscribed to, I’m seeing people shipping new product ideas faster, but with worse or just as bad product market.

As they had before. So I’m, what I’m largely seeing is a higher frequency of people rushing potential products to market that don’t address a need. They don’t address an obvious unmet need. They don’t address a problem worth solving. They’re just ideas without any validation. So the AI tools are not doing that step for you, and in my opinion, that step is the most important step that people are still continuing.

So just because you can build a product faster doesn’t mean that that necessarily is gonna increase your odds of success in my. , if you were gonna invest time into any part of this process. It’s the upfront component. It’s always the upfront component. Doing that research and discovery to make sure that you’re solving a problem that has a real need, and many of these products just don’t.

So for folks that are posting on these communities about these products that they’ve just built, they’re getting a lot of feedback along the lines of, I don’t understand this. This doesn’t really seem to. Kind of value or I don’t get it. I don’t know what this product does, or there’s this other product which is cheaper, fast, or better or free even.

So those things tell me that people are not doing the, just the basics in research before they’re rushing these products to market. Because probably the fact that the AI tools are just making that much easier. Build stuff, right? And just because you can build something quickly again doesn’t mean that it’s going to be valuable.

You really need to focus on this value component in order to kind of have the success that I’m sure you’re really looking for. So now, if you’re just experimenting and learning the AI tools, I get it. But what I’d really rather you do is I’d rather you continue to search for something with more potential that can address an obvious unmet.

That can provide a solution to a problem worth solving, and then leverage the right tools as you move forward with figuring out how you can bring a better solution to market. Ideally, leveraging something I talk about a lot as well too, which is the 10 x effect. How can you, how can your solution be 10 times better, faster, cheaper?

One or more of those categories, that’s going to give you a significant leg up on the competition as well, which will enable you to grow with a little bit more virality. So anyway, I just wanted to get that message out there because I’m seeing a lot of that online. I think it’s making a bad problem worse, and I think a lot more people should be focusing on problems or solving than just rushing products to market because they can do so faster now.