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E117: Capturing Leads for your SaaS Concept

by Sean Boyce

I’ve been getting more questions around what my lead capture process looks like on the early version of my landing page.

In this episode, I go into more detail about what’s on my landing page and how I structure my process for capturing leads.

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Episode Transcript
 Hey folks, Sean here, and today what I want to talk to you about is a response to some questions I’ve been getting in terms of how I structure set up my landing page, and in particular, what my lead capture ultimately looks like. So the questions were around validating SaaS ideas or concepts, and I understand this to mean.

Something that we may or may not want to build, right? We’ve got an idea for a potential product or business we want to create, and we want to get a better understanding in validating that as best we can before we ultimately build it, which fits right into my wheelhouse for a process that I’ve built and the one that I’m using over and over again to test various SaaS business ideas of my own.

Now, ultimately what I do is I get clear about my variable. And the most important ones there are my icp, my IDO customer profile, and my uvp. My unique value proposition, as in how am I specifically gonna solve a specific problem for a specific persona? And I want that all to be communicated on a landing page.

So I’ve got different sections on the landing page and I could share various ones with you. If you’re looking for some examples like that, that are, are mine that I’ve created to test these ideas, and they go in. Phases as well also. So I’ll have multiple versions of them as I’m making progress along the way.

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But on the earlier side of things, when I’m testing out a potential idea or SA concept, I’ll be communicating the problem I’ll be looking to solve and how we’re looking to solve that for that target market persona. On that page, we’ll also include various options around pricing if I wanna offer more than one potential.

Or I’m gonna do some testing in terms of what is the level of price sensitivity here to what it is I’m talking about offering, and ultimately, what prospects may be willing to pay. Then I try to have one call to action on the first version of the landing page throughout the entire page. And most of that is related to something along the lines of a button that says, sign up or gain access, or something.

Something like that. All the call to action buttons, for the most part on the first version of a landing page, are branded that way. Then when they click on it, where they go is typically to fill out a lead capture form, and that’s pretty much it. My preferred system for how to manage that. Via Typeform. I love type forms, interface and experience and extensibility for their product.

That’s what I use. And then in that form, which is what some of the questions were about as well, I capture something along the lines of contact information. At a minimum I grab email. That’s the pretty much minimum requirement. I might grab a name as well. Also, then I’ll ask potentially some additional questions along the lines.

If I’m advertising multiple tiers and testing price sensitivity, I’ll ask them which tier they’re interested in, and then I’ll also maybe have one or two open-ended questions related to something along the lines of, what’s the most valuable feature for you, or, which specific problem do you need solved?

Anything that might give me greater qualitative insight into the response that I’m getting as well. Also, which starts me to help me get into the mind of the persona that’s signing up for the product so that I can better underst. How the current product can help solve their problems and what some of those future problems may be as well.

So that’s how my process works from, uh, very early on when I want to validate a potential idea or concept that I have for a SaaS business, I create a landing page and it communicates the unique value proposition to the ideal customer profile. Then, All the call to actions are specifically to a lead capture form, and in that lead capture form, I, I ask several questions in order to get some feedback from them to test their level of interest in what it is that I’m building, price sensitivity, and any anything else that I think I can learn.