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E120: The Value of Building with Others

by Sean Boyce

Building your B2B SaaS in isolation can be not only harder, but more boring.  It’s fun and helpful to build with others.  Let’s talk about why I’d recommend you join a group of peers that are doing the same so you can help each other while you build.

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Episode Transcript
Hey folks, Sean here, and today what I wanna talk to you about is why you should find yourself kind of a peer advisor or mentor group to help you while you’re building your B2B SaaS application. Now, I’ve worked with advisors, coaches, mentors, everything, pretty much all of the above at some point in my career to this.

But what I think has worked best by far and is something that I’m actively doing now while I’m building my latest B2B SaaS application is having a group of peers that are kind of at different, we’re, we’re technically, we have applications or businesses that are in different phases. Most of us have more than one.

That has really helped from the perspective of having folks to talk things out with, and we meet either virtually or in person to cover essentially anything that we are prioritizing and get each other’s perspective on, which has been great. I would highly recommend that if you are in this process of building a B2B SaaS application, regardless of the.

And outside of what you might have as a coach or an executive coach even, I would recommend you find yourself a group, a peer group, or a group of kind of folks that are either slightly before where you are, slightly after, where you are progress wise, or just right where you are. Because in this world, there’s not, you know, in today’s world where we’re always connected, it’s easier to find online communities, which is great, but I would look to find one.

Has folks trying to do the same type of things that you were doing. Reason being is because you’re both probably trying to solve certain challenges that are relatively similar, and you can kind of workshop those together and help each other. That has been really helpful because you may be already very well used to this.

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In this world, while you’re building something like this, you’re often kind of expected to just figure it out, and especially if you are the one that’s the founder or the operator, there isn’t always a huge support group for you to kind of go to in order to get help from just kind of always falls on you.

Which if you’ve developed those skills, that’s really important and you’re gonna need that in order to continue to be successful. But it is also really helpful to learn from. And there isn’t always a great opportunity to do that if you don’t build it yourself. So I found a group of individuals that I’ve kind of just networked with over time and in my geographical area we all share similar interests.

We call come from somewhat of a similar background. You know, we took slightly different paths to get to where we are now, but we’re all kind of trying to do the same thing and that’s build successful B2B SaaS. You know, typically micro SaaS type businesses. And we meet usually monthly, at least once every other month, and we kind of just cover updates with each other.

And I call it sometimes kind of like roasting what each other’s working on. And that is actually quite helpful because it could be difficult to get additional perspectives on what it is that you’re doing. So it could be hard to talk about these things with like a spouse or a friend. You know, they might not completely understand the world.

They, they may not even understand what SaaS is so try to find others that are doing something similar and see if you can’t, you know, develop relationships with them or help each other, uh, as you’re making progress through this as well too. I’ve gotten so much value out of doing this this time around as opposed to when I was building these things essentially in isolation that I’m thinking about starting kind of an online community about this as well too.

So for any listeners out there that would have an interest, Joining something like that to try to replicate that experience while you’re building, which could be like online coaching. We could help each other, I can help you, those types of things. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have an interest in that.

My email is to let me know.