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E128: How AI Can Help Your B2B SaaS

by Sean Boyce

The AI world is vast and changing rapidly.  While that world is figuring itself out, I’d like to share with you what I think are the biggest strengths of AI at the moment to help you succeed in B2B SaaS.

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Episode Transcript
 Hey folks, Sean here and today what I wanna talk to you about is what I think is the best opportunity for leveraging AI to enable you to be more successful with B2B SaaS. Now, there’s so much changing so quickly in the world that is AI these days that it’d be impossible to cover all of it, but what I’m trying to help you prevent is freaking out based on how much is changing and how quickly.

Worrying tremendously about how disruptive it’s going to be to our way of life and eliminating jobs and all that kind of stuff. This is, I’ve been, you know, I’m old enough, fortunately, unfortunately, to have been through a number of different technical revolutions, like the early days of the internet and how dramatically that was changing everything.

But the long and short of it is new technology. Is invented inevitably. And that changes things typically for the better. But for the most part, the people that have a more difficult time with it are those that fight it. Uh, and the people that typically have a better time with it are those that learn it and understand how to leverage it.

Right? How, how can it make your life better? How can it help you with whatever you’re trying to do? I think that’s the mentality to be in yet. So having been through that a few times, that’s always worked out pretty well for me, and I encourage you to do the same. But what I really want to talk about is where I think the strengths are in terms of where AI is at the moment.

Now, much like other technology we’ve seen in recent years, like blockchain for example, it is still kind of being figured out in terms of where it’s going to land and. How it fits into the ecosystem, right? But it is definitely one of the more disruptive ones, if not the most disruptive one that I’ve seen because of its significant capabilities.

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However, having said that, until we really have a better understanding and where it’s going to land and how most people are leveraging it, I wanna share with you how I am leveraging it for the most part thus far. And that’s really to create what I’d consider to be different types of transformations or conversions.

You can think of it as. As in you have something in one format and you need it in another, and the AI tools thus far seem to be great for helping you figure out how to do that. Now, one of the tools that I’ve been working on, that I’ve told you about a few times already is I have a podcasting agency and we have bottlenecks.

In that process, I created a tool to help you. Automatically get show notes in a couple of minutes from a recorded episode. You don’t need to edit the file at all. You could just upload the audio file and then in a few minutes after you press the button and let it go. It produces show notes, which comes with titles and descriptions and all that kind of stuff.

I’m using AI to do something like that, that I think is a good example of. Input, taking an input and creating an output, right? Which before I had to have team members do, I had to have folks listen to the episode. I had to have folks write them. I had to have folks edit them. Right now, I’ve essentially automated almost that entire step, which is pretty remarkable.

So what I’d encourage you to do is think about it in this way, as in, I think one of the bigger strengths for the AI tools at the moment is being able to, Take your inputs and create the output that you’re looking for in a particular step in the process for whatever it is you’re trying to do. I would start by experimenting there because it’s a limited scope, enables you to figure out your variables, get clear on what the tran type of transformation you’re trying to make, and then figure out how to fit the AI tools into the picture to evaluate whether or not they could do a better job than however you’re doing that step today.

And if they can, you just might look to incorporate that into your.