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E133: Pricing Your SaaS B2B Product – Tips and Best Practices with Check’s Jacob Jolibois

This episode, Co-Founder of Check Jacob Jolibois talks about building trust with B2B businesses, the importance of properly understanding pricing, and how to price a SaaS B2B product.

Jacob is the co-founder and Chief of Product at Check, an early-stage SaaS company helping home service operators streamline and automate their business.

Jacob brings together the business, technical, and customer objectives to build a product Operators love to use, improving the quality of life for them and their users.

Jacob has spoken on stages around the world from TEDx to Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference, bringing awareness to the power and impact of design. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:

  • How to build trust with B2B businesses.
  • The benefits of a sales-led approach.
  • The best way to communicate with your clients.
  • How to price a SaaS B2B product.
  • The scaleability of sales teams.
  • How to understand pricing.
  • The process of creating a successful newsletter.
  • The benefits of writing a newsletter.


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  • 03:35 – “You’re inserting yourself into the core of their business in a way that is incredibly dangerous if you do it wrong because you can screw up a lot of things in their business and so you have to build trust there and marketing is a slower way to build trust than direct sales, when you build that relationship it changes the game.”
  • 05:30 – “You’re not charging enough for the value you provide these people are relying on you to run their business you provide extreme value there charge what you’re worth if you’re not charging what you’re worth it’s going to have a long hard road ahead.”
  • 11:10 – “A lot of Founders have the tendency to underprice and the reason is it’s scary to hear no and so you want to make it a no-brainer yes and so you will classically undercharge, what the experts will tell you if you start talking to folks who have been there and gotten the t-shirt is when you raise your prices you’re raising the perceived value of your product as well and so oftentimes your conversion rates go up your loyalty goes up your retention it really does craft a different message.”
  • 16:33 – “You should be trying something every quarter, if you’re not adjusting pricing or adjusting packages or adjusting the frequency of charging whether it’s per month, per year, quarterly whatever then you’re not experimenting enough because you’ve got to dial it in over time you’re not going to get it right out of the gate.”
  • 1:39 – “I started a newsletter called Making Product Sense and I write to about 3000 readers from basically every tech company you can imagine and try to break down learnings from building products and companies from some of the folks who do it best.”