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E136: Share Your B2B SaaS Story With Your Users

by Sean Boyce

While your building and scaling your B2B SaaS, it’s always best to communicate these details and updates with your users.  I’ll walk you through how I do this strategically and technically plus the value I receive from investing this time.

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Episode Transcript
 Hey folks, Sean here, and today what I want to talk to you about is telling your B2B SaaS story along the way with your users. Now, that’s a different way, essentially to describe email marketing, but what I’m trying to share with you is that you wanna bring your users along for the ride as your B2B SaaS product is evolving, cuz you want to try to establish a relationship with them early and often.

And get feedback from them whenever you can in terms of what it is you’re building, or even better, what you should build next, cuz it will further extend what your tool is capable of doing in terms of solving their problem or making their lives easier. That makes your products stickier. That also may help you better understand are there areas of opportunity to capture more value, provide them with more value, which enables you to potentially build new tiers or generate more revenue.

Now, I’ve done this more recently with my podcasting tool and I’ve come up with a lot of great ideas. Initially, I started out by solving a problem related to converting the most common input to the most commonly requested output, which was a great place to start. So that enabled me to generate. A flood of traffic, which meant new users, which meant paying customers.

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That was the milestone I was trying to achieve first. But now that I have, what I’m looking to do is how do I potentially extend the capabilities of what the tool can already do? How can I take that and how can I provide more value? And I’ve come up with a number of different other outputs, which would be relatively straightforward changes for me to make on the value proposition side, but I could provide the user base and my target market with potentially a lot more value.

So I’m refining those ideas now, but it all began with interacting with them and sharing the story along the way. Even if they aren’t responding to you, it will help you formalize your thought process in terms of what you’re sharing with them and where you might go next. So the way that I’ve set this up technically is when users are converted in Stripe, which is the payment gateway that I’m using to manage those emails are being sent to my email management platform with the moment is MailChimp.

And then that enables me to communicate with my users in terms of any updates that I want to share, new features that have been shipped. Anything else that’s going on with the product so I can keep them all in tune. And as well, I’m regularly requesting feedback from the specific messages that I’m sending to them, which I might send once a week, several times a week, maybe one every other week.

Either way, I’m making sure that they’re receiving communication along the way, which is helping them understand how the product is evolving and the fact that I want their input to learn more about what else the product can do to make their lives better.