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E163: The Value of Building Your B2B SaaS With Your Users

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the importance of gathering user feedback for B2B SaaS applications in order to improve the product and increase its value proposition. He emphasizes the importance of engaging directly with early users to gain insights into their usage patterns, preferences, and opinions on where the product should develop next. Sean outlines various channels for soliciting feedback, including email, analytics tools, and one-on-one interactions. He stresses the value of maintaining ongoing communication with users and leveraging their feedback as a key driver for business growth.

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Key Points

  • Soliciting user feedback is critical for improving B2B SaaS products and growing the business.
  • Early users are a valuable source of insights into usage patterns, preferences, and opinions.
  • Feedback channels can include email, analytics tools, and one-on-one interactions.
  • Effective feedback strategies involve ongoing communication and engagement with users.
  • Leveraging user feedback can influence product roadmap decisions and increase the product’s value proposition.
  • Advertising new features and functionality can encourage users to participate more in support channels.
  • One-on-one interactions with users can yield valuable insights and help build strong relationships.
  • “It’s good for them to hear and see that you are actively managing it and looking to make it better.” (02:46 – 02:51)
  • “That’s the kind of feedback that you’re looking for. You’re looking for people that want to participate in this process.” (03:25 – 03:29)
  • “Once you are converting users to happy paying customers that are getting value, they’re gonna continue to be one of the best sources for you to figure out… what specifically you need to build in order to make sure your product offers more value.” (04:01 – 04:17)
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