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E164: Why Keeping your Users Aware of Product Updates is Crucial

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean talks about the importance of keeping B2B SaaS product users informed about updates through email, as it adds value to their experience, ensures they are aware of the changes and helps convert free users to paid.

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Key Points

  • Email updates help users understand the continuous value added to the product.
  • Pointing users toward new features allows for measurement of user experience through analytics and support channels.
  • Updating free users about new features may encourage them to convert to paid users.
  • Too many B2B SaaS products are not marketing new features to users.
  • Use a simple email platform like MailChimp for updates.
  • Visuals, such as screen recordings, can make email updates more engaging.
  • Screen Studio is a tool for creating fancy screen recordings to advertise new features.
  • “I wanna make sure that the paying customers for my product understand that I’m adding more value continuously to their experience.” (00:28 – 00:36)
  • “If they aren’t in there all day, every day, or they are unaware for any reason where I’ve made those changes in the product, I wanna point them in that direction so that they can use those features.” (00:41 – 00:52)
  • “For anyone who hasn’t converted, they may not have converted because they haven’t seen all of the value they’re looking for yet.” (01:12 – 01:18)
  • “Most people aren’t super engaged with heavy text. They’re looking for visuals, graphics, something like that.” (02:23 – 02:30)
  • “It’s local software that you can access. And what it gives you the ability to do is essentially do a fancier version of a screen recording.” (02:46 – 02:55)
  • “It might be more effective as well too, in terms of what you are trying to come across, being received more effectively by them.” (04:10 – 04:16)
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