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E165: How To Build Effective B2B SaaS Tiers

In this episode, Sean discusses how to set up and design effective B2B SaaS tiers to capture the most value. He recommends starting with the basics – identifying the successful outcome that the target market is looking for and using that as the foundation. Sean advises creating different tier options for price testing, even before the product is built. He stresses the importance of gathering feedback from users and suggests using the support channel to ask for questions. Sean recommends staying lean and keeping it simple, to keep development costs lower and help grow the product more quickly.

Key Points

  • Start with the successful outcome that the target market is looking for
  • Create different tier options for price testing
  • Gather feedback from users through the support channel
  • Stay lean and keep development costs lower
  • Stay focused on achieving milestones
  • Keep the product simple
  • Don’t try to meet all use cases under the sun


  • “Create an option of separate tier oftentimes that’s built into the landing page before I’ve even built a product.” (01:29 – 01:35)
  • “They will start providing you with feedback and you can be more proactive in asking for it.” (01:55 – 01:59)
  • “That can influence you in terms of do you go deeper into a particular target market.” (02:49 – 02:53)
  • “That helps you ship more into the product faster and will help you grow and achieve kind of the milestones that you’re looking for more quickly.” (04:22 – 04:29)

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