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E166: Optimizing Your B2B SaaS Landing Page

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean shares tips on how to create an effective landing page for B2B SaaS. He urges entrepreneurs to focus on explaining what their product is and what it does to their target market. Sean provides a simple guideline to follow while creating landing pages, which is centered around communicating the most important outcome to the prospect and removing any obstacles with your B2B SaaS application.

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Key Points

  • Landing pages must be concise and effective in communicating the product and its benefits
  • Simplify how your product is going to help the customer overcome their obstacles and achieve their desired outcome
  • Highlight the emotional and pain elements that your B2B SaaS solves and communicate them effectively
  • Don’t try to do too much and avoid giving too much detail
  • Ensure to describe above the fold what matters most to the prospect
  • Your objective as a B2B SaaS is to enable a successful outcome for your customer
  • Continuously evaluate and improve your landing pages
  • “It’s good to step back, not obsess over your websites and landing pages and all this kind of stuff for a little while.” (01:14 – 01:21)
  • “Most people are just looking for that successful outcome, which matters most to them.” (01:46 – 01:51)
  • “It’s not just a page to advertise, it’s a page to speak to…the outcome that’s most important to your prospect.” (03:03 – 03:09)
  • “Keep what you are positioning on that page. Center it around these concepts…” (03:24 – 03:29)
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