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E167: Why You Should Build Your B2B SaaS in Public

In this episode, Sean explains the benefits of building your B2B SaaS in public. He highlights the challenges of B2B SaaS marketing and how creating valuable content can help attract potential customers. By sharing the journey of building your product in public, you become a part of the build-in-public movement and can better understand your target market.

Key Points

  • Marketing B2B SaaS is harder than expected
  • Most people think about competition wrong
  • Sharing valuable content attracts potential customers
  • Performing discovery on your target market is essential
  • The build-in-public movement helps with marketing
  • Producing content can help you understand your target market
  • Organic content is key to growing your B2B SaaS


  • “Marketing is a lot harder than most people expect it to be.” (00:17 – 00:20)
  • “It’s not always very obvious in the beginning exactly what’s gonna resonate with your audience.” (03:09 – 03:13)

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