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E171: Controlling Your Destiny in Changing Economic Conditions

by Sean Boyce

In this episode, Sean discusses the pendulum shift from growth at all costs to cost-cutting in the B2B SaaS industry due to changing macroeconomic factors like inflation and interest rates. He highlights the implications for building and selling B2B SaaS applications and recommends building a sustainable business by being fiscally responsible and controlling your own destiny.

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Key Points

  • Interest rates and inflation have made everything more expensive, leading to cost-cutting measures.
  • Multiples for selling B2B SaaS applications have decreased significantly from historic highs.
  • Building a sustainable B2B SaaS business requires being fiscally responsible and understanding your profitability.
  • Reinvest earnings back into the business to reach desired growth.
  • A bootstrap approach and part-time work can be advantageous.
  • Working in the target market industry is a bonus for building a B2B SaaS application.
  • Managing your own product and business in a fiscally responsible way allows for greater control over your destiny.
  • “There’s been a major pendulum swing in the direction from growth at all costs to cost-cutting.” (00:15 – 00:23)
  • “Highly recommend controlling your own destiny by managing your own product and your business in a fiscally responsible way.” (05:53 – 05:58)
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