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E173: Working on Multiple B2B SaaS Projects at the Same Time

In this episode, Sean discusses why it’s okay to work on multiple B2B SaaS projects at the same time. By splitting time between multiple projects, you can diversify your portfolio, have more freedom and flexibility, and continually refine your prioritization skills. Sean recommends using the bootstrapped approach instead of raising capital, which can limit your options and commitments. It’s essential to have your own cash flow, so you are not solely dependent on your projects’ success.

Key Points

  • Splitting time between multiple B2B SaaS projects diversifies your portfolio and provides more diversification
  • The bootstrapped approach provides more freedom and flexibility than raising capital.
  • You need to have your own cash flow, so you are not solely dependent on your projects’ success.
  • Pursuing multiple B2B SaaS projects requires extra prioritization skills to make the most impact with your time.
  • Different projects may require different stages of development or milestones, keeping them in an assembly line process.
  • Pursuing multiple projects can help refine your prioritization skills.
  • Raising capital limits you and commits you to investors, who expect a certain return on investment.


  • “It’s totally okay to shift gears or pivot temporarily, permanently, or to run both technically simultaneously.” (01:17 – 01:27)
  • “I strongly prefer the freedom and flexibility that the bootstrapped approach provides you.” (02:19 – 02:25)
  • “If anyone’s giving you feedback to the extent of, you know, you have to focus on only one thing and not more than that, I would take that with a grain of salt.” (04:34 – 04:43)

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