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E174: Boost Your SEO Ranking with AI-Assisted Strategies

In this episode, Sean shares a guide he’s built on leveraging AI-assisted strategies to generate more organic content and boost your B2B SaaS SEO rankings. He explains how he went deep down the rabbit hole of SEO and created a step-by-step guide full of reverse-engineered advice from YouTube channels such as Matt Diggity and Neil Patel. By verifying keywords and search intent, evaluating performance, and identifying keyword opportunities, he aims to create the best SEO content to drive organic traffic to his landing pages and websites. He also emphasizes the potential of AI tools to make your content creation process more efficient and effective.

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Key Points

  • AI-assisted strategies can help generate more organic traffic
  • Reverse-engineer advice from experts such as Matt Diggity and Neil Patel
  • Verify keywords and search intent for optimal traffic
  • Evaluate the performance of your SEO content
  • Identify keyword opportunities for growth
  • AI tools can make content creation more efficient and effective
  • SEO content creation requires detailed step-by-step procedures


  • “I went deep down a rabbit hole of figuring out SEO AI content generated pretty much everything in 2023.” (00:47 – 00:58)
  • “Both Matt’s and Neil’s channels are mentioned and linked in the guide that I’m providing to you by email.” (02:38 – 02:44)
  • “But before I get there, I wanna build a procedure that I know works and I’m gonna test on myself.” (04:19 – 04:24)
  • “There is a ton of progress that’s been made in terms of artificial intelligence tools to help us be more effective and more efficient with that work.” (04:59 – 05:06)
  • “Is the AI content outperforming the organic content? Is the organic content outperforming the AI content, any even more than that?” (05:39 – 05:45)
  • “Get a copy of that guide. It’ll be linked in the show notes below, and let me know what kind of feedback you have.” (05:46 – 05:50)

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