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E175: Hammering Negative Keywords: How to Optimize Your Advertising Campaign Performance

In this episode, Sean discusses how to optimize your advertising campaign performance by focusing on your click through rate (CTR). He shares his strategies for leveraging negative keyword lists to improve CTR, including regularly updating the list and monitoring performance. Sean explains how he achieved a 10% CTR and emphasizes the importance of customizing your campaign for full control.

Key Points

  • Click through rate (CTR) is the most crucial metric for measuring campaign performance
  • Negatively assess which keywords are producing irrelevant traffic
  • Build up negative keyword lists on a regular basis
  • Optimizing performance takes vigilance and regular updating
  • Customizing your campaign provides complete control
  • CTR can continually be improved
  • Cost-effectiveness should always be the driving factor in deciding investment


  • “If you just set it and forget it, then over time the performance is gonna dip”
  • “Managing your negative keyword list is one of your most effective levers to improve the metric that matters”
  • “Optimizing your advertising campaign is the key at an earlier stage of driving traffic to your B2B SaaS product”

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