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E177: Ranking on the First Page of Google: Tips and Tricks

In this episode, Sean discusses how to rank on the first page of Google through search engine optimization. He talks about creating content that should rank more effectively for search engine results and how to track performance through keywords. Sean shares his procedure for creating SEO-focused content and how it has helped him climb the rankings. He emphasizes the importance of deep diving and good keyword research before investing time in producing content to track keywords.

Key Points

  • Validate the value proposition and if you can grow your SaaS product into a business profitably.
  • Look for areas of opportunity to optimize and get more traffic to your site economically.
  • Use SEO to target relevant keywords for organic traffic generation.
  • Create SEO-optimized content for keywords to track their performance.
  • Use SEO tools like SEMrush to track performance and leverage the strategy.
  • Double down with this procedure and produce more SEO-focused content that can rank effectively.
  • Do a deep dive and good keyword research before producing content.


  • “I’m closely monitoring that and I’ll keep you posted as I learned those updates as well cuz Google’s making some pretty aggressive changes.” (01:43 – 01:50)
  • “I built the procedure about a week ago after doing a deep dive on various channels, YouTube, others.” (02:12 – 02:19)
  • “I created a SEO optimized piece of content, which was an article that’s on my site around a keyword that I wanted to track for performance.” (02:46 – 02:57)
  • “I’m definitely gonna leverage this strategy further because it’s showing some early promising results.” (03:51 – 03:56)
  • “Other stuff I’ll be sharing with you over time as well too is how I’m picking which keywords to track and then create content for.” (04:30 – 04:36)
  • “It’s really important to do a deep dive and a good amount of keyword research here before you start, you know, blasting out articles.” (05:36 – 05:43)

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